About us
Ritz is one of the leading manufacturer of all type of Door Closers. Floor Springs, Helical Door Springs, Spring Hinges and Magnetic Catchers. We have succesfully catered to the expectations of our customers and have gained their trust for lifelong. The user friendly and innovative designs of our products is due to the creativity of our highly efficient technicians. We have attained the position in this sphere because of our standard quality, quick services and offering wide range to meet individual needs and requirements.

The company has established an extensive market presence covering a large number of stores in various city through the network of Distributors / Dealers.

Door closing Devices are Indispensable in Air conditioned Building, Restaurants, Hotels, Residential Buildings etc. where Doors are frequently used and keeping them in close position after usage is must.

Ritz range-not only in terms of better technology, more reliability, functional accuracy but also in better design and styling. Our products confirm to the highest standards of functional reliability.

The firm has its own Infrastructure, our Factory is fully equipped with all the modern design and production facilites based on scientific principles with quality checks at each stage of production which leads to highest standards, where each piece is inspected individually before it is packed and shipped.

The management of Company believes that customers are the key of success thats why we are commited to exceeding customers expectations in all aspects.

Product Range : Ritz offers an impressive range of all type of Door Closers according to your need and requirements more over we are having Wide Range of Floor Springs, Helical Door Springs, Spring Hinges and Magnetic Catchers, which make you comfortable whenever you are using them. These are made of finest Raw Materials strictly as per specifications. One can choose from a wide range products at numerous outlets all over India.