Our Products
Ritz is one of the leading manufacturer of all type of Door Closers. Floor Springs, Helical Door Springs, Spring Hinges and Magnetic Catchers. We have succesfully catered to the expectations of our customers and have gained their trust for lifelong. The user friendly and innovative designs of our products is due to the creativity of our highly efficient technicians. We have attained the position in this sphere because of our standard quality, quick services and offering wide range to meet individual needs and requirements.  
 German Door Closer
 Sliding Door Closer
 Canopy Fittings
 Shower Hinges
 Glass Connector
 Spider Fittings
 Patch Fittings
 Hydraulic Floor Springs
 Magnetic Catcher and Door Holders
 Helical Door Spring Hinges
 Helical Door Springs
 Pneumatic Capsule and Chain Door Closer
 Hydraulic Door Closer